I totally give up on trying to produce a Vera Bradley knock-off.  This was another stab at it, but it's awful and will probably end up in the trash.  There is just about nothing that attracts me to this design any longer............  Had a thought that kicking up the folder part with different color dividers would help.  But, nah, it's just not the type of quality I want or am looking for, and would be embarrassed to even try and sell these.  I had to try, though, right?
So out of the duds and frustration came a whirlwind of new ideas the minute I woke up this morning.  The realization that paper is unforgiving in certain areas, and that I need to keep the paper part of my life to scrapbooking (once that all comes in from the garage that is) where creativity comes more in to play.  The perfection in these paper folders has to be precise and afraid the old girl isn't a machine to do that!  HA!

So the designs from now on should keep along the same lines as before.  Softer and non-tearing.  And I'm excited to try the softer side of what you're seeing above.

There was a magazine that came in the mail this week, and hadn't had a chance to sit and really look at it until yesterday.  

LOOK AT THIS!!!!  Is this not one of the most stunning necklaces ever?  Does it not have my name written all over it?  I love to dream, but this is out of my league to make.  Any takers out there in the blog-osphere who could replicate this?

I do have a birthday coming.  tee hee

Happy creating and have a BLESSED SUNDAY!



03/13/2011 07:08

I cannot see anything wrong with that folder and portfolio. I magnified the picture and still couldn't see a problem. That being said, I understand that sometimes one just has to move on to the next thing. (BTW, the necklace is beautiful!)

03/13/2011 12:26

I think your folio is AWESOME! Sorry I havent shipped the fabric out - I have had a little bout of depression this week, adn I couldn't get out of my own way. Doing much better now.

I am in love with the necklace - what magazine is it from, so I can get a better look at it... Let's see what I can do with it...


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