There hasn't been much to report or update this week.  Not sure what's going on in my head, but maybe after the work week is over and a Saturday morning packed with some 'me' things I'll get back on track in the work room.  I'm not a real fan of tax day either and that's probably part of it all.  So now that I've laid that out on the table, I thought I'd show you a couple of things that should be arriving this week for a special order and another idea of mine.
I found these on Etsy at a price that could not be passed up.  Yes, they are coming from China with very inexpensive shipping.  Now why can't I ship something to Canada which is closer for that same kind of money?  I can't figure it out and I HAVE to get something up there, somehow someway.  Very frustrated with our local USPS office as they were no help whatsoever.  But anyway, enough grumbling.  I found a large swatch of my own knitting while cleaning out a bin and that's what this particular closure will be used for.  I'm rather excited to try this method of purse making out and hope the tutorials on YouTube will stick in my brain.  :)

I also found this fabulous and elegant strand of pale lavender pearls on Etsy.  There is a gal at work that has such talent in making bracelets and I just want to encourage her to keep on keepin' on.  There is a charm I found to go with these pearls and thing it will make a dynomite bracelet for someone I love very much as a gift (sometime).  

Gorgeous or WHAT?

And finally, this is the fabric that is on order and should be here tomorrow for a special request large notebook/portfolio from my Etsy store.  It's an Amy Butler fabric and should work up wonderfully.

So hopefully it will come when UPS says it will and I can get this made up this weekend for the buyer's approval.

There are three crocheted hats that are nearly complete for a special order from a co-worker.  I should probably tie up those lose ends this morning and get these to her as they are for a friend going through chemotherapy out-of-state.  

PLUS I still have that bountiful box of goodies from Marcy that need to be made up into interesting items for her.  

And then there's Bill's leather notebook - it's still daunting me as 'unforgiving' materials, no matter HOW gorgeous, still scare the poo out of me.  

So there's a lot on my plate, or should I say PLATES!  Ha Ha!  

Now get on with your day, and get CREATIVE!