So after eye-balling a certain style of purse for years, I got the guts up to watch a tutorial on YouTube this morning just to see if it's something possible for the old dog to learn.   Yeah, I'm that dog.  tee hee  This was exactly what I'd been looking for.  So pumped to give this a shot - now keep a watch out for some fun cable knit purses with clutch closures.  PERFECT!  You give it a try, too!
Oriental silks and embroidered fabrics are screaming at me for linings.........  Think I suffer from texture-itis.  Ha!
After struggling with the mini file folder idea made out of paper, it hit me tonight what I could try.  So Bill shooo-ed me off to the sewing room to see if the concept would work, and here I am showing the prototype of what could actually WORK!  Now mind you all, I am a 3X5 card nut and think everyone should have them in their purse.  I do, and it's saved me on numerous occasions from being without information I needed.  So let me know what you think, what you think could be tweaked or improved on.  
Elastic, baby!  All it took was elastic and I can leave the cardstock and folding for something else.  And it opens up and down instead of side to side.  Just had to fix my thinking is all.  Ahhhhhhhhh, sleep will be good tonight for sure.
After a night of no sleep, I decided to just get up and do something, anything!  It's better than laying in bed fighting it.  So I got up at dark o'clock (yeah, maybe minus-dark-o'clock) and tried doing another mini receipt holder, only this time making it a little bit bigger to accommodate some of the cutting dies I have for envelopes and mini pocket folders.  Well, as it turned out, I was about 3/8" off the new style - too SMALL!  I could have dealt with too big.  Not sure how to fix this one, and I'm not even going to show you a picture it came out that awful.  But that's what the drawing board is for - to fix and re-calculate.

Let's just hope that this isn't going to start a new trend around here, so we won't even go there, right?

Need the mojo back!  And like Scarlet always says - EVERY time I see that movie  - "For tomorrow is another day!"  Yep, there I go quoting from movies again.  

Happy creating, everyone!  Don't ever give up, you never know what you might just end up with.