My eyes were SO tired after work last night, but not too tired to see that Bill had been working on rounding the corners to the wood cuts for our leather venture.  Isn't he the best?  I sure hope I can pull this idea off for him because #1) he truly thinks he'd use it and #2) he's one of the best salesmen in the world and he's not shy about promoting the handmade things around here.

Pretty bad when the Home Depot chick sees me walk in, and you can almost feel her mood change.  And not for the better either!  LOL  How many women walk into Home Depot in heels and head towards the lumber aisle and NOT be a problem customer?  And just getting across the store in heels brought many male employees towards me with questions on how they could help.  And not because I'm some hot chick either!  You remember the Sesame Street song "One of These Things Just Doesn't Belong Here"?  Yeah, like that.  HA  They are getting to know me there, and know that I'll want LOTS of cuts.  Both of the cutter guys rock and never fear each time they honestly do mess up a few boards.  But why get bent out of shape about it, it makes for some great laughter and good conversation.  And as I was leaving and listening to the HD chick tell me about her flower bushes she needs to dig up out of her boyfriends' yard, I just had to smile and say, "I'll be seeing you in a couple of weeks for a flower update and more boards, so be ready!"  LOL