After working for two hours on trying to get the marketing up on Ravelry this morning, my eyes and my brain are dazed and confused.  Now how hard is it to make a 210X100 pxl banner?  Well, it must be tougher than I thought and I give up for right now.  I put together at least 10 ideas and each time I submitted them, Ravelry said they weren't the right size.  So what's a gal to do?  I know!  Take a break, that's what!  Enough of THAT madness!  HA

I was able to find a good 20 icons though for Ravelry so all was not lost.  This one is my favorite.

So it's time for a break from this computer and get busy creating some things because the weekend has just begun and the projects are ready to get worked on!!!  Coffee time..........