We're going to celebrate!  Yes, 30 years ago this week we were blessed with our son, Tyler. As most of you know, he has been celebrating with Jesus for seven years now.  So let's have some fun, remembering back with some trivia, historical happenings, and just plain fun - that's what the 80's was all about, right?  And Tyler loved to have fun and laugh.

Let's start with the cost of living 30 years ago - this was an eye opener.  :)

Cost Of Living 1981How Much things cost in 1981
Yearly Inflation Rate USA 10.35% 
Year End Close Dow Jones Industrial Average  875 
Interest Rates Year End Federal Reserve  15.75% 
Average Cost of new house  $78,200.00 
Average Income per year  $21,050.00 
Average Monthly Rent  $315.00 
Cost of a gallon of Gas  $1.25 (WOW!!!)
Sinclair ZX80 $199.95 (what's this?)
19 inch Color TV $399.95 

WOW!  Do you believe all that?  Wish the gas prices were as low as then, or even double the old price would be okay.  HA!  
Video killed the radio star!  And who doesn't like Pat Benatar!  WOW!  And where are those VJ's these days?  This is wonderful - give it a watch and it will take you back and make you smile.