There is nothing new to report as far as accomplishing anything creatively.  It seems that 90% of what I've started there either isn't enough to finish it, or my idea just didn't work.  It's disheartening to say the least.  There are dry spells in everyone's creative life and I guess you just have to work through it.

There are three Special Olympic 2012 scarves completed.

There is a commissioned bag that needs more supplies before I can even sit down to sew it.

There are four hats that need to get done, but not real motivated as there hasn't been payment for the last three yet, even though I know it will come.

A three-ring binder sits with everything ready to cut and sew for a friend.

There is a journal sweater that I started out of slub cotton yarn, but that will get frogged as it's not meeting my vision.

There is a box of wonderful fabrics from a blogging friend that sits by my sewing machine, waiting for inspiration to hit and complete.  Want this right, and worthy of sending back out.

So off I go, celebrating mother's day with my memories and maybe some yarn.  We'll see.

Something's gotta give!  Right?  :)