Meet........ The Triple Flip!  I think that's what these can be called so they have a general name when I train Bill on how to sell 'em.  Right?  HA!

I almost have it down and can't wait to do MORE!  This one is even better than the first, but I can always do better-er.  It's in the genes, can't help it.

This fabric is SO gorgeous and can't wait until tomorrow when the sun comes out, hopefully, so a good photo can be taken.  The camera doesn't always do the best job, or is it the operator?  Hmmmmm

That photo is at kind of a weird angle and not focused too good, but right now neither am I.  LOL  The blue pen has GOT to go because it just plain looks bad.  No question.  And that pocket on the top left side?  Yeah, you could fit your iPhone in it.  It's that deep.

OK, I'm off to watch an old movie and get once around that baby blanket with the base row of crochet.  Good night, sleep tight and let's make tomorrow the best day yet.