The Debbie Mumm fleece baby blanket is all trimmed up with crocheted lace and ready to go to its buyer.  Was very happy with the way the lace turned out on this one as the fleece is lightweight and really couldn't have handled a heavier lace than this.  So that project is now complete and outta here today.

So after getting things wrapped and organized yet again, of course it was time to get yet another project in the works.  Like I don't have enough already?  HA  But the baby blankets are great time fillers as they can be worked on for 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there....  especially when there isn't any counting to putting the two base rows on them.  Isn't this ladybug fleece print adorable?  It's not a Debbie Mumm, but it's cute!

Come on everyone and get your 'creative' on!  Blessing to you all.



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