Day #3 in my March Madness was just that!!!  Crazy, wacky, madness!!!  And I adored every minute of it.  There wasn't one item in my crafting line-up that got touched, but wowzers the day was full.

I'll settle for the great meeting that started off the day, then meeting up with my daughter and her 2 year old youngest boy, getting to work early and honestly working my tail off!  Wish we could do that literally, but hey, such is life.  :)  Now that I'm home, it's time to spend a little time with the man and watch American Idol.  Yes, we're hooked.

But tomorrow is Day #4 plus it's FRIDAY!  That will put a little more spring in my crafty step for sure.  Keep watching over the weekend as I hope to fill up the weekend with photos, works in progress, ideas, and just a lot of MARCH MADNESS!!  


03/03/2011 16:52

I am glad you had such a mad-mad day!I have been blessed with a fabulous day with my kids as well. (hint:no fighting occurred!)

Can't wait to see the accomplishments as the weekend unfolds


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