This little guy has been in my head for over a week.  Figured that I'd start on a good prototype while I did the ironing this morning (since I'm not scheduled to work until later).
Here is the outside and I'm pretty happy with the way this part turned out.  The fabric is adorable and hopefully it has been embellished just the right way.  As prototypes go, it really is going well!  So the next one will be better, I hope, as there are extensive notes on paper and in my head for improvements (hopefully).

It's not finished yet because there is one more element to this whole project that I still need to figure out how to do.  But I will!  Maybe in this picture of the inside, you can tell how small it is.  I accidentally left the tape measure off to the side.  It's only 6" tall and is made to hold the mini legal pads.  And that pen is a short stubby thing so it's perfect.

So keep an eye out for the extra little ZING this puppy is going to get on the left side of the interior.  Fun stuff!



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