There are eight (8) new listings on Etsy.  Complete.  Done.  Written up.  Put out there.  The gazillion photos can now be erased off the camera.  Time for some eye and mind relaxation...... does that mean sleep?  Could be!

See, I'm too lazy to even put up the links to the Etsy items.  Deal wid' it.  :)  Look at the scrolling boxes down on the right side - you'll get there is you want.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend full of good things.

Blessings and get creative!


03/27/2011 17:17

I am debating joining the world of Etsy. Do you think it's worth it for what I sell?

BTW - your bag is knitting up so easily! I can't wait to pick up the handles and decide of a really funky liner fabric!


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