I'm SO excited to wake up this morning and get things rolling!  Get my normal routine going by letting the dogs out, read the fun stuff that came on the Blackberry overnight and made the coffee.  HAVE to make the coffee.  I knew we were running low so picked up another can this last weekend, but really folks......... how can I possibly throw this huge plastic container away?  Isn't there something that can be made from this?  It's big, it's sturdy, it's got a gripper handle, and it smells like coffee!  If Bill sees it in the trash,  he will pull it back out again and ask me if I'm sure this should be thrown away, and I'll hear "Can't you MAKE something out of this?" So help me out here - I could use some brilliant ideas from you all. You can either post it here on the blog, or use the contact form.

As I mentioned earlier, I went through my Blackberry to get up to speed on all the happenings that go on while we sleep.  There are many thank you's that are going out with this post today.  Wonderful feedback on the new site, an actual sale from the journal store....... all sorts of good stuff.

Here is a screen shot of me working on this site.  I can't tell you how user friendly this place is compared to the others I've tried and used.  For me to be able to sit and with 4 total hours of work have it up and working the way we wanted, is a total blessing!

So y'all click around, check things out, drop me a line or attach a comment.  

And PLEASE help me figure out something to do with that plastic Folgers container so I don't have to wrap it in a rug and put it in the trunk of my car!!  :)

Day #1 of March Hare Madness


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