I've been slacking in my blogging lately and haven't had time to really tell you all about the wonderful package of supplies and gifts that came this week from my blogging buddy Marcy.  This box is jammed packed full of fleece, cotton, buttons..... handmade earrings, and a gorgeous black and white "Friend" coffee mug, which is in the dishwasher.  Marcy has challenged me to use these fabrics to make her a cover for her journal book pictured and who knows what else I can come up with for her!
And today my niece came to pick me up and five of us went to "The Mother of All Garage Sales" at the event center.  I've never gone before - it was overwhelming and SO much fun!  So don't laugh when you see these photos, but they will all be turned into something useful and fun..... bags, linings, blingy stuff......  who knows?!?!
Now really, can't you just see this as a big ol' tote bag?  What fun is that?  HA  I even talked the seller down to a nice crisp five dollar bill on it.  Deal?  Absolutely! 
Now you're probably saying to yourself, "She's lost her MIND!!!"  Yes, you see two prom dresses, which were $5 each and full of bling, taffeta, and fun.  Purse linings, journal bling... again, who knows what will happen with these?  But something will for sure!  Almost had a wedding dress bought, too, but he wanted $20 and I cheaped out on him.  The train alone would have made MANY many trimmings, but I was a good girl and said no.  :)

Yep, it's all odd stuff for sure!  But if you can't have a little fun, really, what can you have?

And Marcy..... the challenge is ON!  No sneak peaks either.  tee hee 

Get your 'creativity' on and LET'S HAVE SOME FUN!   (now I'm off to clean more toilets)


04/09/2011 19:03

I have COMPLETE faith in you! I can't wait to see what you come up with. AND... I love making things from old dresses - particularly anything from the 80's! (What were we thinking when we wore that stuff?) haha!

07/20/2012 02:27

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