I didn't NEED anything from Joann's, but when there's a sale AND a coupon involved you must force yourself to at least see what's there.  But I did end up with more bargains than I'd anticipated.  Could not resist these fleece pieces for baby blankets with crocheted edgings.  This bunch will make a total of eight blankies!
I've been fleeced. :)
And while I was in the notions aisle, somehow I ended up wandering over into the purse makin's aisle - and every, yes EVERY handle was $4.00 no matter what the retail price was!  So here is the goodie bag full of handles......
Getting a handle on things..... tee hee
And finally, the real reason for being in the ribbon and notions aisle was to see if there were pre-made flowers for my new black purse.  Of course I had a 40% off coupon for this baby and it topped it off perfectly!
Complete! And it's all mine. :)


03/25/2011 15:23

Katie and I spent about an hour at JoAnns today - I go tthe email with the "additional 25% off entire purchase"! How could I pass that up? But now that I read your blog I am kicking myself in the butt that I didn't get myself a handle for my Love Me or Leaf Me bag! $4 handle, plus 25% off = $3 handle!!!!!! YAY! I will go back after church on Sunday.

03/26/2011 03:42

LOVE the flower on the purse. It is just perfect! With all those purchases, though, you'ver got a lot of work ahead of you! Can't wait to see all your completed projects.


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