There are times when one must just stop and smell the roses.  Since all of my supplies have not yet arrived for one of my other ventures, I decided that a little fun with another restyle of a designer banner could get accomplished.  This LaFont banner started out being about 2-ft by 4-ft in size and is made of some type of nylon or polyester fabric.  The colors on the back are absolutely gorgeous.  With only one imperfection to the whole banner, it was easily hidden with a trendy patch and an Arc de Triomphe ironed on.  That added just a little more 'French'-ness to the bag.  When it was complete, I remembered all the fun flower clips and voila!  Guess I'm a sucker for those flowers, or could you tell.  :)  This bag could actually get used for a purse or handbag as it's not as wide as the others.  It does have 4 gold feet on the bottom (not in picture) and deep pockets on the front only.  You know, that old lipstick thing again.  
Sister bags - Aren't they just CUTE? Smile for the camera ladies!
Thank you for taking time to look.  Every day is a new experience - LIVE OUT LOUD!  It's worth it.


07/04/2011 21:59

OMG I want it. It is awesome.


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