Remember the last post with that great beginning to the Cloud Chaser vest?  Yeah, well, I'm so smart that I didn't bring any type of measuring device.  Oh, my eyeballing the project is going to be just fine..... NOT!  I was getting nervous last night so went to Target to get a ruler.  Yep, my nerves were right.  I just did 6 inches beautifully on this project, and the gauge is completely WRONG!  ARGH!!  So it got frogged, completely, before breakfast this morning.

So back out to Brown Sheep this morning and getting some more supplies, and get this project restarted while Bill fishes out at Lake Minatare a few miles east of here.  Fishing and knitting, kinda go together don't you think?


10/17/2011 15:53

What a shame about the gauge! It's totally worth ripping back though. I look forward to seeing the finished product.


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