On the way to the wrestling meet (of which our grandson took 2nd Place Trophy) today, I had to stop at Michael's and Bill wanted to visit Trader Joe's.  Nice way to get things done fast is to split up and run.  :)  Needed iron on letters for a project and what do I find but a SALE in the iron-on aisle!  And before we even left for the meet, I'd sold a pattern to one of my knitted handbags on Etsy, so I knew there were a couple extra dollars to have fun with at the craft store.  

I have a couple of medium sized notebooks in line to make that have a MARTINI theme to them, and what do you think I found?  YEP!  You got it - the perfect little extra for the binders, and on sale to boot.  
So now it's time to go sit with Bill and watch the movie he's rented:  "Apocalypse Now".  We've seen it a gazillion times, but it's been awhile.   And you all know me enough by now that I won't really watch it, but I'll be doing something else and enjoying the music in the movie.  Yeah, I think I can handle The Doors tonight.  :)


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