After doing NOTHING constructive last night (shame on me) I figured this morning should be a 'get back on track' morning.  So after completing a few small tasks the other eyewear banners got brought out and had their pictures taken.  I hope the ideas in my head will work with some of these.  If they don't, I'm not out much, just have to go back to the drawing board is all.  :)  Take a look at the fun vinyls and fabrics that are itching to get played with......
Juicy Couture sassy vinyl (LOVE the colors in this one)
Kate Spade classic vinyl (Kate Spade and her clean lines...)
Stack of fabric and vinyl from LaFont, Prodesign, and Nine West. The LaFont has me itching to get behind the sewing machine because of the unique colors and print.
Lightweight vinyl OGI (yes, I own a pair of these myself) Ignore the PVC in the pic, that's just to hold down the curl of the fabric. This one is already designed in my head and next to visit the sewing machine. The model in the print has bright red lipstick on and that will show up on the back of the bag for some pop. WAY neat.
So please follow along the upcycling process with me.  Full week of my real job, but watch out because there's a 3-day weekend coming up!  I see a lot of Law & Order and a sewing machine in my near future.  HA!

Get creative and have some fun - live out loud, and please color outside the lines.


06/28/2011 13:15

I want one from a Coach banner!

06/28/2011 19:43

Marcy! I have looked and looked and I can find NOTHING!!! ARGGHHHH This is going to be a tougher trend to get into I'm afraid. A Coach one would be cool.


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