Remember a while back, I received a box of goodies in the mail from my blogging friend, Marcy.  Just wanted to give you the finale before I send the pieces and parts back to her this week.....
The original package from Marcy
Four items complete....
3X5 card holder
Amy Butler fabric journal cover
Inside journal cover to fit Marcy's Bible journal inside.
Quilt block pinwheel and sunflower portfolio cover.
Open portfolio with mini decoupaged notebook.
It's not perfect by a long shot, not only because I'm not a good quilt block put-together-er, but I noticed the business card holder melted a little when I was doing the final pressing.  I COULD HAVE SCREAMED!!!  There's no turning back on that one, and it's the first time that's happened.   ARGHHHH

There is a lot of fleece left, but am not real sure what I could do with it.  I'm sure Marcy adn her daughter can figure out a better purpose for it than I'm coming up with.

It will get mailed this week, Marcy!  Hope it's all okay and happy blogging!!


05/19/2011 11:29

It's incredible! Please feel free to keep any of gthe leftover fabrics you woudl like! I can't wait~

I also can't wait for my computer to be back online - the virus completely killed my harddrive. So I am using KEv's... and I dislike it very much... I am missing my blog...

Thank you... Thank you/... Thank you!!!


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