So the picture in my head IS quite doable.  After messing around with this most of the morning I can see that this is something that is very achievable to place in my store.  
Get the idea?
I see horrible mistakes, but the next one will be perfect. Well, let's say better, shall we?
File folder is a tad too wide and my folding was atrocious! My sister would be embarrassed of me. Glad she's on a cruise right now.
Bill comes home for lunch and I'm so excited to show him this, and do you know what he said?  "Now THAT'S really neat!  Would be a good tool for keeping mileage and gas receipts."  Yep, that's my man.  Isn't he something?


03/08/2011 07:55

This would also make a great grocery pal - your list and your coupons al lin one place.


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