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While we ran a couple of errands, you know, like to pay rent (not late, whew) and grab a set of colored pencils at the store JUST in case a sale could happen at the Junction, I come home to an email that said I made the sale!  The Journal Junction was rocking my little world this morning!  The buyer started a convo wondering about lined paper and pencils instead of drawing paper and crayons.  What a perfect thought!  So now I had the pencils just in case, and then it happened.  Sweet sweet sale.  Even my hubby got involved in this one.  He wanted the pencils to be in perfect color order.  So I will get the front personalized tomorrow for her, and ship it out on Monday to the east coast.  Can we say I'm just a little thrilled?  Not the best picture because of lighting, but you get the point, right?  Oh, yeah!  Party on, Garth!



03/05/2011 10:15

God is wonderful in His planning, isn't He? So faithful!


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