The sun came out this morning and so did the iron, but that's another story.
After the two week pile of ironing was finished (shame on me) I finished up the packages that need to ship out tomorrow and got all THIS done!  Every t-shirt is bagged and sized, just ready for whenever and/or whoever.  So at least now they are off the dining room table!

Our package of leather scraps came yesterday and just the smell that came out of the package when we opened it was faaaaaaantastic!  Don't think I'll get to trying out the idea for these today, but soon, very very soon.  The sizes that were sent are just perfect.  YEAH!!!

So while I'm digging through some things that still had not been opened since we moved over two years ago, I find these three knitted pieces.  Knowing exactly what these were made for, I stopped and thanked God for such a treasure find.....  These could possibly be the last of such items that helped me get through a lot of anger and depression in years past. 
PLUS I came up with a HUGE box of things that are getting shipped to someone quite deserving of them.

So here is what these knitted 'swatches' were intended for....... knitted journal covers.  Something I had not visited or entertained for over 3 years.  The color in this picture isn't very good, but this is the completed version of the middle one pictured above.

The black one is sitting on my ironing board along with fabric cut and interfaced, ready to sew up (whenever I feel the drive).

Blessings - and USE that creativity you've been given!
4/3/2011 05:43:39 am

Beautiful! God does unwrap the best presents for us, just when we need them.


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