The idea worked!  Saw something sort of like this on the web, but didn't really like how the pen holder worked with the other one.  But this will work - even BETTER than elastic, ribbon or whatever.  The next one will be even better because the first is always a learning experience, right?  I like spines on smaller things, and this one has a real spine, but it's still pliable.  No board or cardboard in this one.  And THREE pockets, baby!  THREE!  Some are hidden under the notepad, but they're there.  So I think I'll go try my hand at one more of these, tweek it a little and be back posting in a couple of hours.  Here we go!



03/26/2011 16:40

Awesome! How id you do the etsy store thing on the side bar? Did you split your blog page into columns? I wanna do it, too!!!! I tried making a button a couple days ago, but with beign so sick I couldn;t concentrate, lots of foul words escaped my mouth, adn I vowed to try again on Monday....


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