After ironing my slacks this morning, I decide to actually wear them to work.  Went to work to fix an issue but came back home again because I wasn't scheduled yet.  Messed around with the mini mini notebook idea for a couple of hours.  Went back to work and wandered around there most the afternoon.  And THEN the dryer sheet decides to fall out of my slack leg into the patient's hallway.  

#1 - Thank goodness one of the techs found it (but why did she think it was mine?)  hmmmm

#2 - At least it wasn't toilet paper hanging off my backside.

Silver lining in every situation, I tell you!  And it was a ROUGH ROUGH day.  But I enjoy even this slightest little bit of humor.  You have to!  

Thanks, Jess, for keeping my laundry picked up!  :)

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