A friend from work called over to my location a couple of weeks ago and said she'd been cleaning out some things of her daughter's.  One of her college art projects came up and her daughter told her to THROW IT OUT!  Well, this friend knows me well enough to offer it to me to enjoy.
So I bring it home, thinking that all these hundreds of beads can be taken off their wires and re-used for some wonderful beadwork on bags or purses, or SOMETHING.  This thing is nothing BUT glass beads and wire.  Now what it was designed or created to be is another thing and we still can't figure it out.  But her trash became my treasure.
But when I brought it home and showed it to my 'art major' husband, he immediately took to the thing and hung it up in our kitchen and told me I wasn't touching it yet.  So here it hangs, uglier than all get out, but I've kept my word and not yanked it apart yet.  
But the story gets better!  Our daughter and mother of three stopped over one morning and stopped dead in her tracks and said, "Mother!  What in the HELL is that?  And get that off your wall!"  Oh, Shawna.  LOL  Yes, she called me 'mother', that's what she calls me when she's disgusted with me.  tee hee  She calls 'em as she sees 'em and I adore her for that.
Someday, honey.....someday.  

3/4/2011 23:45:15

Sorry Karen, I agree with Shawna!


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