So tomorrow is our food day at work.  Tuesday is always best because it's the 'long' day from 8 to 8 and that way we are always nibbling and it just makes the day go fast.  Always lots of laughter and sharing on those days.

Well, I decided to get some groceries on the way home to make 'GREEN' items since that's our theme this time.  Yeah, a Swede celebrating St. Patty's day.  HA!  OK.  Spinach herb tortilla shells to make wraps, some fresh veggies, salad makings, blah blah blah.........  Then I have this great idea to try making a mousse, not an ordinary mousse because I don't do ordinary.  I even had left over champagne glasses from a gazillion years ago to use up for fun.   But no, I pick a Guinness Chocolate Mousse from scratch with green whipped topping!  What was I thinking!?!?!  So after wasting 6 farm fresh eggs AND breaking the hand mixer, along with messing up the recipe so bad a 1st grader would make fun of me, I have FINALLY come to the realization that the kitchen is the LAST place I should ever be.  Well, unless it's to clean up after the chef.  I bow down before the king of food, my husband.  

It was almost comical as I look at the evening.  He's over in his corner just mixing, tasting, blah blah, and I'm on the other side of this tiny area trying to be a master.  I want to show him up.  His tortilla wraps are great.  My mousse is just a comedy of errors.  Told him that we'll be eating Guinness Chocolate Mousse for our midnight snacks for a week whether he likes it or not!  So move over Snack-N-Pack pudding!  LOL

At least I know my 7-layer salad isn't going to flop, or that I'll break a utensil while trying to make it.  


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