Inside of all of us, there is a tiny warrior. Not the destructive image we've seen on TV and in movies but a positive force that goes to battle every day to get us through challenges in our careers, in our lives, and within ourselves.To light the fires of success, you first need a spark. 

Keeping the fire lit!

Points of wisdom-

Keep the fire lit by remembering this:
  • No matter how good the excuse, it cannot justify a broken commitment.
  • Mistakes happen. You must forgive yourself, learn the lessons and move on.
  • The impact of your actions is often far-reaching and unknown. It may affect many others.
  • You can only create and control your life path one day at a time.
  • You will be rewarded and judged by actions, not intentions.
  • It is never too late to keep a promise to yourself.
The Tiny Warrior was written by-D.J Eagle Bear Vanas is a nationally acclaimed motivational speaker who uses traditional warrior concepts to break through the barriers to high performance. D. J. owns Native Discover, Inc., a company dedicated to improving lives and "building the warriors of tomorrow"


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