Without reiterating my life's saga and the highs and lows we call 'experience', there is yet more new hope on the horizon.  My dear 'Uno Orb' (as one of his client's calls him) may have the chance to expand his territory of sales.  If anyone can do this, he can.  He's motivated, he's excellent at what he does, and I truly believe that God is blessing him for his perseverance through all that he's been through.  Talk about someone who's been through more ups and downs than a teeter-totter, I truly believe that this offer of advancement will be finalized within the next two weeks to someone who has truly EARNED this opportunity!  The opportunity itself is overwhelmingly wonderful.  

You have to take each day on its own.  Be enthusiastic about even the small stuff - it just makes for a better attitude through everything else.  :)

Happy trails, my friends.

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