Day #1 of my March Hare Madness belongs to this little hoodie sweater that is being knit for a co-workers' relative.  I have worked this pattern before and it came out adorable then, but have switched to a different yarn (City Tweed DK by Knitpicks) on this one and it's absolutely delightful!  Isn't the habanero (sp) color the best ever?  This picture is the back of the sweater, which hasn't been touched in a few weeks, but it's back in the works.

The pattern was purchased from PatternFish as an electronic download.  Check out their site as it has some top quality knit and crochet patterns to choose from.  It was hard to pick, but this Sirdar pattern is wonderful.

This is a picture of the first little Sirdar hoodie that was worked up last spring as a baby gift for this same co-worker.

She was so sweet by throwing me a picture on my phone of her cutie pie modeling it this winter!

Makes it all worthwhile - love to see smiles.  :)