What a great excuse to start a new project - VACATION!  The Cloud Chaser relaxed cable vest has been in my wish file for some time and figured that being on a trip and staying in hotels is the perfect excuse to get it started.  The problem was finding the perfect yarn for the project.  Before we left on our trip, I went to our LYS to see what they had to offer.  Found gorgeous things and of course the yarn that would have been perfect and gorgeous would have ended up being close to $100.  Left that gorgeous hunk on the shelf but purchased some top of the line knitting needles.  It's all about the tools.  Proceeded to Hobby Lobby, and honestly wasn't sure what I purchased would work or not.  The picture really doesn't do the richness of this color justice.  

So here is the beginning of the bottom back portion of the vest.  The more I work with the yarn chosen, the more I'm thinking that it will work just fine for 1/5 of the cost of my dream yarn.  It's really all about this fantastic pattern from Amy Swenson - Indigirl.  
It's funny, but I like to remember the special TV shows that are on when working on special projects.  This first part shown was done while watching "The Notebook" and listening to Bill gently snore when he fell asleep during the movie.