So, my dear one hands me back some of our vacation funds saying, "We don't need what we've saved, or we would have FLOWN somewhere for our anniversary."  He proceeded to tell me he almost bought an iPad for me the day before, but knew I was the one who would have more questions on the product than he did.  So he waited, and told me to GO!  Awesome!  btw - I'm totally hooked already on the notes app.  So that just meant I needed a handmade case for it, because that's just who I am.  Here is one of the best downloads, which I purchased, that I could locate on the web.  So my Amy Butler fabric I've been hoarding which was bought with a gift card from a very good friend, will get made up into a WHOLE set of great organizational tools and covers for MYSELF!  ME?  I don't make things for me!  But when you spend that hard earned cash on an item like an iPad, extra precautions just need to be made.  Isn't this a great pattern?
You can find this tutorial in pdf format over at NapKittenPatterns on Etsy.  Her shop is full of great ideas and downloads.