Dealt with an elephant of a headache yesterday, but when it finally eased up my brain went into overload.  The ideas, thoughts, projects, time elements..... everything decided to dump into my head all at once.  Hence, no sleep until 3 this morning when I finally fell asleep on the couch watching a Law & Order show.  Thankfully.  :)  I even made a cup of tea - didn't work.

So this is the crocheted dishcloth that got started and finished after midnight.  This morning was when I realized what will happen to a trio of these that are now on the planning deck.  When you struggle to sleep, can't hear the radio program you have on because your dear one snores through every other sentence of the story (giggle) a gal just picks up what is closest to her and that was the cone of natural colored cotton and a hook.   And this was the result.

I haven't posted any photos on here yet of the scarves that will be a year long project.  Here are four of them that have been crocheted so far.  Two are complete and the other two needs ends woven in still.  After doing fringe on the one, that was the deciding factor in picking other designs that have NO fringe.  Hated it!  :) 

If anyone else is interest in doing scarves for the Winter Special Olympics, just click on over there to see the official colors of Red Heart Yarn and four designs that can help get you started:  2 knit and 2 crochet.  I didn't pick any of them, but that's just me.  After my original purchase of 3 red/3blue skeins, it still looks like I haven't made a dent in the yarn yet.

The large hobo bag is finally cut out.  Nothing like picking a project that has about $40 worth of material to it.  This will be one awesome bag when it's done.  Vogue is not something I use often, but this was THE bag I wanted to do and after reading the instructions over and over and yes, OVER again, it has finally stuck in my head what this design is all about and WOW!  It is very very cool.  This is a commissioned job, but if she isn't happy with it, I'm not sweating it at all just because it really is that neat a design.  Someone will want it - maybe me!?!?!  HA

And last but definitely not least is the decorator fabric I found while shopping with my daughter and grandson the other day - and HALF OFF!  This popped up out of the corner of my eye and knew I had to have it to do something with.  The picture doesn't do the color justice at all as it's really a brownish olive color.  As one of the pillows on my couch (where I finally slept) need recovering pretty badly, this will be WAY cool to use for the living room.  If there's any left over it sure could get put into a lining of a makeup bag or ditty bag.  Didn't even think about it being hard to sew with all the pleats, but that's okay. 

So now that my brain in back to functioning after nearly a month being on some sort of creative hiatus, let the creative life get back to where it was before.  Maybe now it will even be better!  Who knows!

So get up, get out, get creative - happy Saturday!  And be watching for more posts as the weekend progresses.



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