And so they're done - finished - no more of these to be had.  Too many other things on the plate around here.  But I think they came out great, and it just closes another chapter on a previous life of mine.

I even located some Tinkerbell satin and fleece - must have thought I was going to make blankets or something out of it.  Well, so I cut them out and sewed one up.  They are so simple that it's probably not going to be something offered in my store.  But they will make super baby gifts for all those babies coming at work.  Just hope one of them is a girl!  :)

As I'm taking pics of these, Bill asks if I'd had a chance to work on any of the leather ideas yet.  Nope.  Can't lie.  Not happening today, because I feel the end of the commissioned baby lace edged blanket coming along this evening...... ahhhhhhhh, that will feel good.

Thankful for the triple treasure today.  But I know there were really more than that.  



04/03/2011 16:49

Reading this post and as I read the last bit, I hear a whisper in my head - "all things work together for good..." I love how He our pain works into things of beauty in time. I adore these, and may have to steal the idea for a friend for christmas...


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