So Marcy asked, "How's the golf vest re-do coming?"  I never expected what was to come next.  
The golf vest is sitting on the extra bed.... letting it try on different handles, fabrics, etc.  It just wasn't happy with the fabrics I brought out, so it whispered to me, "Go look in the storage room and it will come."  LOL  OK, so I steal lines from movies once in awhile.  I'm thinking that I could look through my handle stash while in there, and then I remembered there were two totes that haven't been opened since we moved here 2 years ago.  LOOK AT THIS MOTHERLOAD of FABRIC!!!!  There's plaids, stripes, florals, kids, tye-dyes, themed..... it's extensive!  I about started screaming for joy, but decided to grab the camera first so I never EVER forget this treasure.  I got so much flack when we moved about all the totes of yarn that I'd forgotten about my fabric stash.  God is SO good!  I could have eBay-ed all this stuff before the move, but decided not to.  God knew!  He'd had plans for it all.  But anyway, the perfect denim popped out amongst all of this and the golf vest will now be happy. Oh, and the perfect handles appeared from the storage room, too.  

I heard my phone ringing upstairs (no, not smart enough to actually take it with me downstairs) and after missing the call, what does my dear one ask me?  He says, "Well, aren't you going to send a freebie along with that sale you just made?"  Always the salesman he is.  And yes, he's right.  It may not happen all the time, but a freebie it shall be.  So out comes my paint and the last of my mini's.  After this dries, fabric will get decoupaged on.

So back to the padded room I go.  :)


03/05/2011 13:03

God Rocks!

And so does that green pink and blue plaid! I have TONS of totes with random fabric in it! I really have no business EVER going to a fabric or yarn store again!


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