After a night of no sleep, I decided to just get up and do something, anything!  It's better than laying in bed fighting it.  So I got up at dark o'clock (yeah, maybe minus-dark-o'clock) and tried doing another mini receipt holder, only this time making it a little bit bigger to accommodate some of the cutting dies I have for envelopes and mini pocket folders.  Well, as it turned out, I was about 3/8" off the new style - too SMALL!  I could have dealt with too big.  Not sure how to fix this one, and I'm not even going to show you a picture it came out that awful.  But that's what the drawing board is for - to fix and re-calculate.

Let's just hope that this isn't going to start a new trend around here, so we won't even go there, right?

Need the mojo back!  And like Scarlet always says - EVERY time I see that movie  - "For tomorrow is another day!"  Yep, there I go quoting from movies again.  

Happy creating, everyone!  Don't ever give up, you never know what you might just end up with.  


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