I've had a very fruitful morning in getting some product actually COMPLETE!!!  YIPEEE  Here's the stack of large ports and a couple of medium sized martini ports.  The martini themed ones are just fun, what can ya say.

Two martinis, a pink and black princess-ish one, Maxine (gotta love her), green paisleys and you can't tell, but the bottom one is sort of like a night out with pearls and long gloves.  Yeah, it's different, so you'll just have to wait and see it whenever I get around to writing them up and putting them on Etsy.  (Oh, how I hate that part)  Or maybe I should try the Three Sisters on these..... Oh, decisions decisions.  :)  But progress has been made!  Almost time to gear up into my Henry Ford mode soon and get more things cut out and ready to roll.  But I have a little something I want to try next before I do that.  So keep watch!  
Tonight it's going to be me, that Debbie Mumm fleece blanket you see in the background that getting a lace edging put on, and a movie....... 



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