I was given a new challenge by a co-worker the other day:  a 3-ring binder covered with fabric.  Hmmmm, I say..... I've done those a trillion times, but not in years!  I remember my mom's bookshelf sitting behind her favorite chair, lined with her fabric covered notebooks, some with cross-stitching on the front, but every one holding something very dear to her.  And it made for a very colorful bookshelf, too!  So I took on the challenge this evening to see if I could still do it.  Out came the rulers, the pins, the scraps, the scissors....  This is what I came up with as a demo using a 1" 3-ring binder I got at Staples today....
Bad pic of it closed....
... bad lighting, bad photo. First photo is truer in color....
The leatherette logo worked great with this design....
Binder standing up with Karen in the background getting voted off American Idol. Yet another awful photo.
It was a successful project and was actually fairly pleased with the end result.  See the wire cooling rack sitting on its side to the left there?  There was enough of the muffin patterned fabric to make a little notebook to go along with it and stick in the inside pocket.  The mini book is drying on that rack with only two more coats of decoupage to go and a nice trim.

As you all know, I don't cook or I'd keep this one.  :)  But it could be filed with plastic cover sheets, photo pages for recipe cards......... the options are numerous.

Give me more ideas, everyone!  Are there enough pockets on the inside cover?  Should there be something else added?  Taken away?  

Keep creating, folks, and enjoy LIFE!


03/18/2011 03:59

I love it. Your co-worker will too. I still have one of mom's fabric covered binders around here somewhere. They were great and I know yours are too.

03/18/2011 04:21

I made one of these that I lined the outside with quilt batting, put the fabric over it, and put brads through it to make it looke like a fancey pillow on the outside (gosh I hope I am explaining this ok). Then I added a piece of thin cardboard tothe inside so it was smooth and you couldn't feel the brads when writing on the inside cover, adn covered thatwith fabric. It came out pretty cool.

03/18/2011 04:52

Thanks ladies! It was a lot of thinking and my 'perfectionistic' ways were rearing their ugly heads while doing this one. But it came out okay! Once the lighting gets better (like sunshine) I'll be getting this listed on Etsy and see what happens.

03/18/2011 16:54

When I asked if you do these, I didn't know that you would do it immediately. Nice work! Can't wait to get mine. Love the ideas about photos for the inside. You ROCK girlfriend! I will put my grandmother's recipes in one. So excited!

03/18/2011 17:41

Char! I adore the idea of keeping your grandmother's recipes in it! Now you need to go find just the right photo pages for it and you'll be all set. You have to watch out when you challenge me like this - I don't take it lying down! LOL I'll be posting them hopefully this weekend sometime. But we'll see - the weekend is still young. tee hee


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