Weird day.... PetSmart for a new fish (yes, Michael Jackson the 2nd needed to be replaced by MJ #3), to Bed Bath & Beyond because whoever waited on my husband yesterday thought they could get by NOT using his 20% off coupon he handed them, and to Walmart just for the fun of it.  Yeah, the last part of that sentence was a joke - who goes to Walmart for FUN?  Yikes.  

Anyway, wanted to throw out the two planners I finished up today.  It was my PINK day, I guess.  Just because I'm not a fan of pink, doesn't mean others aren't.  And one of the planners is for a good cause, and would make a terrific gift for a survivor.
It's time to pick up a book - or some knitting.  I hear golf on TV so we all know it's Sunday afternoon for sure.

Be CREATIVE and let's have a wonderful week together!


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